Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital

4616 Commerce Valley Road
Eau Claire, WI 54701



Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital
Mission Corporation

Bringing veterinary care to animals in need!


June 12, 2016: OHAH Mission Corporation is recognized as a non-profit organization [503 (c) (3)]by the IRS

Checks can be written to OHAH Mission Corporation with full charitable donation benefit.


Diamond Rock Clinic

Diamond Rock Clinic

Diamond Rock Clinic


The goal of this clinic is to provide veterinary medical and surgical care to animals in an underserved area. 

Spays, neuters, and life-saving medications are provided to an area's inhabitants at no cost.

Our next trip is on hold, due to the pandemic. Dr. Sarah Watson and other staff members plan to  travel to Muleage, Baja California to provide needed services when safe travel is possible again. 

PAW Animal Clinic



This medical mission is made possible only by generous donations.