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Meet The Doctors


Dr. Pam Ogden graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. After practicing for four years in southern Illinois, she moved to Eau Claire. She shares her home with her husband, a geriatric Labrador Retriever (Vierra,) two middle aged cats (Oreo and Lola,) and many young unnamed tropical fish. Her twenty-something aged children (Emily and Billy) no longer live at home, but will come to visit sometimes.

Outside of the animal hospital, Dr. Ogden enjoys swimming, jogging, and snowshoeing.

Dr. Kevin Landorf graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. He practiced in the Chippewa Valley for ten years in two mixed animal veterinary clinics before deciding to specialize in small animal medicine and surgery. When not working at the animal hospital, he enjoys an active life with his wife (Melissa,) daughter (Brittany,) and son (Mike.) Their Shih Tzu, Maggie, and Goldendoodle, Sunnie are very much a part of this active family as well.

In his spare time, Dr. Landorf enjoys biking, tennis, household do-it-yourself projects, reading, and boating with family and friends.

Dr. Joan Schumacher graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. She has been practicing in the Eau Claire area for the past 32 years. Dr. Schumacher joined our staff in 2003. Her daughter, Kristen, is married and lives in Eleva. Her son, Bryan, graduated from UW-Madison with a  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in May, 2015. Her family also includes two Golden Retrievers, Miley and Penny, and a cat named Spurrz. Dr. Schumacher and her daughter also have two Quarter horses, named Classy and Cooper.

Dr. Schumacher enjoys walking her dogs and showing horses with her daughter. She has been involved in teaching veterinary medicine at UW-Eau Claire, UW-River Falls and Globe University.

Dr. Todd Leavitt joined our staff in August, 2010.  After graduating from University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009, he completed a one year internship with Michigan Veterinary Specialists in Detroit where he received advanced training in medicine and surgery.  

He grew up in Eau Claire and has been interested in veterinary medicine since childhood. He graduated in 1998 from Memorial High School and worked at Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital in 1999 as a kennel attendant. He returned to our hospital as a senior in veterinary school and completed an externship here.  

Dr. Leavitt currently lives in Eau Claire with his wife Jennifer, and their two small children. He also shares his home with 2 dogs, Bree and Wally, and 2 cats, Phoebe and Emma. 

Dr. Sarah Mull is from LeGrand, Iowa. Sarah is a graduate of Iowa State College, located in Ames, Iowa. She joined Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital in June, 2014.  Dr. Mull has a special interest in Emergency Medicine and surgery.

Dr. Mull loves animals and has a passion to learn the medical techniques associated with the veterinary field. She possesses an in-depth knowledge of the current medications and procedures applicable to improve the general health of the patients. She demonstrates excellent communication skills and be is able to advise the owners on taking care of their animals.

Dr. Mull shares her recently purchased home with her Border Collie, Ty, and cat, Charles. Watch out for Charles…he is a cat with ATTITUDE!!!

When not at work, Sarah enjoys spending time outdoors, working out, and the joys of home ownership! 

Dr. Erin Lokken is our newest veterinarian who joined our practice in June, 2016.  Dr. Lokken is from Madelia, MN. After completing her externship here at Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital, Erin graduated from Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine & Teaching Hospital in West Lafayette, Indiana, May of 2016.

Prior to completing her DVM, Erin was a member of the Class of 2011 at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. She majored in Biology and Finance.  Dr. Kelsey has an interest in Emergency Medicine and Surgery. She shares her home with her two dogs, Barkley and Bailey and her husband, Matt.

Outside of work, Erin enjoys gardening, baking, and spending time with family and friends.





Ted M - Human Resources Manager

Ted joined our staff February 2016, bringing Human Resources, leadership, teaching, and dairy farming experience to his Human Resources Manager role.  Ted was in the role of Director of Human Resources at Vets Plus, Inc. located in Menomonie. At MDA Leadership Consulting, Ted was responsible for managing the Assessment Center, partnering with clients to develop the leaders within their organizations, and coordinated the Observations 360 process.

Ted earned his BS in Mathematics and Life Science from Mount Senario College in Ladysmith and holds a Master's degree in Education from St. Mary's University of Minnesota in Winona.

Outside of work, Ted is an avid Minnesota Twins fan and enjoys spending time with family and friends. 


Missy C - Certified Veterinary Technician, Team Leader

Like many veterinary technicians, Missy grew up dreaming of working with animals and found her way to that dream by becoming a veterinarian technician.

Since graduating with a two-year degree in veterinary technology from Madison Area Technical College in May 1998, Missy has enjoyed a varied career including work experiences at animal hospitals in Eau Claire, the Twin Cities, Missoula, MT and Madison, WI. She has furthered her experiences with volunteer opportunities and as an instructor for veterinary technician program.  

Missy joined the Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital Team in November 2011, and made a significant impact.  With a keen interest in dentistry, Missy provides an additional variety of skills including anesthesia, surgical assisting, radiology, and laboratory techniques. She loves the job in part because of the challenges of figuring out new ways of caring for animals for prevention of disease and treatment of illnesses.  In addition, Missy is well suited in helping and coaching others. Her leadership skills are demonstrated in inventory management, participation in AAHA re-certification, and as Vet Tech Team Leader for Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital.

In addition to a fabulous family of husband Joe and two boys, Missy enjoys the companionship of an English Bulldog named Darla and a cat named Simba.

Amanda L - Client Service Representative, Team Leader

As Client Service Team Leader, Amanda motivates, coaches, inspires, trains and directs the Client Service Team on the best ways and approach to relate to clients as they attend to their needs. Amanda has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2013

Amanda assists management with hiring new client service staff to Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital by making use of her expertise and experience to evaluate prospective staff competence and capability in handling client inquiries and needs.

In order to ensure a professional approach in dealings with clients, Amanda creates and implements effective methods of operation in line with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital mission, values, and purpose to ensure that team members stay focused in administering their duties. Amanda creates a conducive working environment for other team members in order for them to bring their best to achieve maximum results for our clients and the organization.

Amanda is a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan. If not enjoying the sunshine or her favorite spot in Eau Claire - Phoenix Park, Amanda will be at a concert, rocking to the music. She likes music of all types.  She is an animal lover, parenting two cats named Hallie and Matilda Marie. Amanda lives by the motto: “Love life; be brave.” One very interesting fact is that Amanda holds a black belt in karate.

Amanda B - Animal Caregiver, Team Leader

Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital Animal Caregivers has a great group of individuals lead by Team Lead, Amanda B.  Amanda joined our staff in August of 2014.

Amanda thrives on bestowing all clients with top-notch customer service; all animals with the best possible care our resources permit; to approach each and every animal and person with compassion and understanding; and to provide a pleasurable work environment rich in learning and team work. Amanda leads by example.  She works weekends and holidays, often working alone in in a variety of weather conditions.  She adapts to a fast-paced, ever-changing workload which at times can be stressful…but, she handles it well!

Amanda offers dog training services for all breeds and sizes.  She is the proud pet parent of an American Bulldog, Thor; Monty, a Bichon mix; and four feline friends.  Amanda is a Fear Free certified professional.  Amanda enjoys spending free time fishing and kayaking, playing video games, and baking.

Brenda W - Office Manager

Brenda joined Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital in December of 1996. She performs a variety of administrative functions working closely with Dr. Ogden as Managing Partner and the other areas of Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital. Brenda’s work includes, but is certainly not limited to, overseeing office communications, answering emails, handling office accounting needs, picking-up and delivering hospital items, and serving our clients. Brenda greets clients by phone, in person, or through email. She assists in resolving problems or complaints raised by clients. Her work includes preparing and maintaining reports of records and other data for hospital use.  She is responsible for ordering supplies for the practice. Brenda adapts to a fast-paced, ever-changing workload which at times can be stressful…she handles it well!

Brenda and her husband, Rick, are the proud pet parents of several canine and feline friends. Brenda shows her compassion for her all her pets; but her care for Bergie, one of the family’s Golden Retrievers, is amazing! Bergie has completed cancer treatment and is now cancer free.

Kim S - Certified Veterinary Technician

Kim has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 1997. She has two cats named Buttons and Snickers. 

Katye Q - Certified Veterinary Technician

Katye loves animals. At home, she has four cats (Marlene, Marge, Wally, and Flo), two dogs (Earl and Kiko), and a herd of Jersey cows. Of course, the Jerseys are the best!!! Since Katye enjoys being able to help in more ways than just petting, hugging, and feeding them (yes, even the Jersey calves), then the choice of being a vet tech was the right career choice for her.

Animals require a lot of care and veterinarians need a lot of help with this care. The best part of being a vet tech is the gratitude seen in the animal’s eyes when they go home, happy and healthy in their owner’s arms. It is a feeling that can’t be matched. Katye has witnessed that firsthand since she joined Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital in December 2000.

Katye is constantly showing how much she cares for our patients and clients. She shares her own real life experiences with clients to help them better understand. Katye has been known to have trouble going home at the end of the day because she wants to stay with the animals! she knows that the job is more than being efficient in placing IV needles in veins and the correct ways to give vaccines. It is more than creating a successful staff schedule or completing a difficult dental…it is one way to help the animals you love so much and they will certainly give you back what you gave them.

Since graduating from Argosy University, working as a veterinary technician is a perfect fit for Katye. She would rather work doing something that she loves than working in an occupation that didn't suit her.

Cindy Z - Certified Veterinary Technician

Cindy has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2003. She is a graduate of the veterinary technology program at Madison Area Technical College. Cindy has assumed an increased role as a dental technician here at the hospital in addition to her responsibilities as a vet tech.  She evaluates dental health, track diseases, and makes not of any abnormalities in the teeth during the cleaning procedure so that this information can be saved and referenced in the future.  Cindy discusses any concerns with the veterinarians and assisted them in any further treatment that might be needed.

Cindy's two boys are the joy of her life.  In addition to sharing her home with her boys, she has a Chihuahua named Maybelle.  Cindy enjoys spending her free time with family.

Kristal S - Certified Veterinary Technician

Kristal has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2004. She graduated from the veterinary technology program at Ridgewater College in Wilmar, Minnesota. Her pets include a pomeranian named Sampson, two cats named Gobi and Bear Bear, and some fish.

Kristal enjoys spending time doing outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys helping out at Bob's House for Dogs.

Becky C - Certified Veterinary Technician

Becky has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2006. She takes pride in treating every patient as she would treat her own. She has three cats named Cricket, Kitty, and Wanda. She is busy in her spare time spending time with her family. She also likes to go out to movies and out to eat.

Brittney P - Certified Veterinary Technician

Brittney has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2012. She is a graduate of the veterinary technology program at Globe University. She has three cats named Thug, Sampson, and Fiona.

Heather W - Certified Veterinary Technician

Heather has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2012. She has a Bachelors degree in animal science from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls and an Associates Degree in veterinary technology from Madison Area Technical College. She has a terrier mix named Maverick. Heather is active on our OHAH Marketing Team.

In her spare time, Heather enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and hunting. She also enjoys reading and gardening in her down time.

Christine P - Certified Veterinary Technician

Christine has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2014. She is a graduate of the veterinary technology program at Globe University. She has a weimaraner named Emma. Christine handles the responsibilities of social media for the hospital.

Christine enjoys running, playing fetch with her dog, and outdoor sports.

Karrie M - Certified Veterinary Technician

Karrie has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, receiving that degree in May of 2003. Madison Area Technical College awarded Karrie an Associate of Applied Science, Veterinary Technology degree in May 2006. In addition to being a valued staff member at Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital, Karrie has work experience as a veterinary technician at Lodi Veterinary Care and Grantsburg Animal Hospital. Karrie has also served as an adjunct instructor for Globe University.

At home, she has two dogs named Tank and Puck. We know that being a vet tech is a career that can be emotionally demanding at times—caring for sick or injured animals, helping owners cope with the loss of a pet, a difficult dental procedure, and dealing with the rigors of always seeing animals in need of help. But in the end, Karrie is working with pets and helping the animals lead better lives. And isn’t that what it’s all about?  Not only does Karrie enjoy professional fulfillment as a vet tech, she also provides a service to the community. Karrie understands the deep feelings owners’ share of friendship and love for their pets; therefore, she does her best to provide good medical care for pets, helping extend their lives as long as possible, and bringing joy to their owners.

Outside of work, Karrie enjoys spending time with her husband, camping, hiking, and going to dog friendly places. Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital appreciates all that Karrie brings to our clients, their pets, and the hospital.

Amanda S - Veterinary Assistant

Amanda has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since August 2013.  Amanda and her husband, Kyle, welcomed their first child in March.


Sarah H - Certified Veterinary Technician

Sarah has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2014. She graduated from the veterinary technology program at Globe University. Sarah selected this career because she knew she would be caring for sick or injured animals as well as working helping them to lead better lives.

Sarah has a Great Dane named Isis. Sarah spends her free time quilting, gardening, playing volleyball, and doing outdoor activities.

Alissa B - Certified Veterinary Technician 

Alissa joined our staff in April of 2016.  She is a 2015 graduate of Globe University in Eau Claire. Prior to joining Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital, Alissa worked as a Veterinary Assistant in Chippewa Falls and a Veterinary Technician in Shell Lake. 

Alissa has experience working with a wide variety of animals including horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, and goats.  She prides herself in providing the most up-to-date services for clients and their four-legged family members.

At her hobby farm home, Alissa has a variety of four-legged friends.


Richie D - Certified Veterinary Technician

Richie joined Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital in March of 2017.  He has a BS degree in Animal Science from the University of Wisconsin and an Associate's Degree in Veterinary Technology from Madison Area Technical College.

Richie, his wife, and son moved back "home" from Alaska as Richie is originally from Thorp. They share their home with two husky mixes, Raja and Jordy, and their family kitties, Scooter and Sherlock.

Nancy C - Client Service Representative

Nancy is an enthusiastic individual who can listen to client service issues and then offer a unique and innovative solution to each problem. She has a strong command of Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital’s client service policies and is well-trained in product knowledge that can be critical for offering quick and accurate assistance to clients.

Nancy has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2015. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Tony. Together, they are the parents of three children - Josh, Kayla and Tyler. You may hear Noah shouting, “Nana up!” as she is grandmother to three amazing and wonderful grandchildren.

Nancy volunteered to be part of the Honduras Mission in November 2016. She is responsible for the monthly bulletin board display in the hospital reception area. Nancy also sends sympathy messages to pet parents at the time of their loss.

At home, Nancy has a Catahoula Leopard dog mix named Piper, a Bichon/Cocker mix named Sophie, a Chinese Crested named Tibet. In addition, there are two cats at the Curtis household named Kitty Wompass and Oakley. Nancy loves spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren.

 Alicia P - Client Service Representative

Ali joined the Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital staff in April of 2017.  She is a graduate of Eau Claire North High School as well as the Chippewa Valley Technical College, receiving an Accounting Assistant degree.  Ali has also completed some studies as a Veterinary Assistant.

Ali has volunteer experience at a variety of local and out-of-state animal shelters.  In her spare time, Ali does pet sitting for a variety of animals including cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits.

Tina D - Client Service Representative

Tina has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since July 2015.  Tina provides stellar client service for both internal and external clients by using excellent, in-depth knowledge of Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital products and services as well as communicating effectively with her other team members.  In addition to her work at Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital, Tina also does pet grooming. 

Tina's three boys have her time and attention.

Joy J - Client Service Representative

Joy rejoined our staff in May 2016 after working here from March 2010 until June 2015.  She missed her work at the hospital and our clients.  Joy creates and maintains positive relationships with everyone she meets whether in person or on the telephone. 

Joy is originally from Brookfield, Wisconsin, but Eau Claire is now home.  Joy's best friend at home is Ollie, her vibrant rescue dog!  She is active in many community activities supporting companion animals.  If she finds free time in her busy schedule, Joy finds it very rewarding to pet sit for her clients here in the Chippewa Valley.

Allie S - Client Service Representative

Allie has been with our staff since 2014.  She recently graduated from the Vet Tech program at Globe University.

At home, she cares for two cats named Storm and Stitch and also has two bearded dragons and two crested geckos.

Jessica S - Animal Caregiver

Jessica joined our staff in November of 2016.  Jessica is her second year at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.  She recently changed her major from Elementary and Secondary Education to Psychology. 

At home in Barron, Wisconsin, Jessica had four dogs and one cat.  She truly loves animals!  Jessica has done volunteering and community service work with an animal shelter while attending high school.

Hunter M - Animal Caregiver

Hunter joined our staff in December 2016.  Hunter is a student at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.  He is in his second year at the university.  Outside of work and school, Hunter has a passion for film.  He has also been involved in a number of community activities.

Sarah R - Certified Veterinary Technician/Animal Caregiver

Sarah has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 2013.

Kevin K - Animal Caregiver

Kevin joined our practice in December, 2016. He currently is a pre-vet major at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. 

Kevin has several pets at home in Oak Creek. Kevin has work experience at VIDA Veterinary as a volunteer and at Pet University in Milwaukee as a dog trainer/handler.

When not in class, Kevin enjoys being outdoors hiking in the appropriate seasons as well as snow-shoeing in the winter months.

Krystal S - Animal Caregiver

Krystal joined Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital in March of 2016.  She recently graduated from the Vet Tech program at Globe University and has two canine pets: Emma Jo and Charlie.  Krystal passed her VTNE on March 27, 2017.

Melanie F - Animal Caregiver

Melanie joined our staff in June of 2016. She is studying Biology at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and plans to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She enjoys playing volleyball and volunteers at 4-H Youth Camps.  

Olivia P - Animal Caregiver

Olivia joined our staff in July 2016.  Olivia is a pre-vet major at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls.

Catie O - Animal Caregiver

Catie joined our staff in October of 2016. Catie currently is a student at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and is planning to attend veterinary school. This semester Catie is studying abroad as part of her degree program. 

She plays, softball, tennis and volleyball and loves to bake in her free time.  She has volunteered at Mary's Place, Safe Hands Rescue, and Families Moving Forward. 

Ray R - Maintenance

Maintenance employees are precious assets to every organization as they perform cleanliness and tasks without which a building may not look too appealing to staff and visitors alike. It is a very important thing to ensure cleanliness of the hospital.  It is the duty of a maintenance employee is to ensure that a building looks clean and maintained at all times. They are also responsible for ensuring that any potential hazards are taken care of and that acts of vandalism are handled properly.

Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital is so appreciative of having Ray as our “maintenance man.” Ray has been with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital since 1988. He is in working Sunday – Friday each week.

When not at work, Ray is out on his bike or chasing golf balls most often at Hickory Hills Golf Course. He helps out his neighbors mowing lawn, raking leaves, or other various yard work activities.